Thursday, August 28, 2014

Temporomandibular disorder what?

Tinanong ko yung pinsan ko kung bakit nagki-click yung jaw ko whenever I try to open my mourth.Sabi nya baka daw TMJ problem. Syempre ako, ano yun? Sabi nya sa joint ng jaw. Its a bit scary kasi pwede daw akong mag lock jaw, which means I wont able to close my mouth. Arhg, I'm scared and pissed. Wala akong pera para dito. Hay. Bakit ba may ganun pa. There's a chance daw na kailangan kong magbrace or splint. Ayooooko. I find people with braces cute but for me? A big NO. Feeling ko di bagay saken saka feeling ko e di komportable? I dont know, I'm just not fond of it. Pero if I dont have a choice, well, there's nothing I can do. For now, I need to know muna kung anu ba talagang mali saken.
Fingers crossed na hindi ko kailangan ng mga expensive treatment kasi I'm still unemployed:(
Pero carry lang yan. Kakayanin:)

"Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise. "

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm the kind of person who doesn't know what I want.
I am already a registered nurse, but sometimes, I ask myself..Do I really want this job?
Most of the time, the answer is no. Sometimes, I realized I already became attached to it.

Then I fell in love with baking. I studied at TESDA to learn how to do it. I was obsessed. I baked a lot for a very long time, well, while I'm not working. It also became a business. Me and my cousin decided to  open up an online shop. It is called Sweet Creations. We make cakes,cupcakes, cakeballs and everything that we can. It was a lot of fun. Though because of some issues, we started to be inactive with the shop. But here are some of the products that we made.

I also sell things online like beauty products and fashionable items. And I'm  fond of it. I feel accomplished whenever I see my client happy and my sales is good.

Now, I still question myself. What do I really want to do? Being entrepreneur sounds good to me, I also want to try the pastry and baking world, but how about my career? I studied 4 years and took a hard core exam just to be nurse. There were times that I feel that being a nurse is somehow rewarding because it gives me a chance to help people. Its exhausting but at the same time you'll get use to it and start enjoying it.

I'm 24 and still lost. Its a bit scary but I'm taking my time. I'll do it, all at once, while I can:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

20 months ♥

Its been 20 months since I've decided to give us a chance. I was hesitant at first, afraid that it will be just like my past failed relationships.  I was always so cynical about love, I never believed in it. Maybe because I came from a broken family and I witnessed a lot of heartbreaks. Honestly, even though we're already together, my mind always wonder when will you leave me or get tired of my temper. You get mad whenever I ask you to tell me if you don't love me anymore, assuring me that it'll never happen. And as days goes by, I begun to believe it. You don't just tell me how much you love me, you also show it. Every single day, you proved to me that this isn't just one of those silly love affair, its for real and its for keep. I cant remember when did I start believing, believing in us, and believing in love. I'd been in few relationship, but I never felt this way. I never trusted anyone wholeheartedly. I never plan my future with anyone else, except with you.
What I want to say is... you're different. This is different.
You showed me that if I open my heart and bring down the wall that I built, I'll be happier.You made me fall in love. You made me believe in forever again. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The one that got away.

I'm happy. He's perfect. He makes me happy.
But there were times that I thought of you.
There were so many what if's.

I don't know if I really fell in love with you or I just fell in love with our memories.
Those times when we talk almost every minute of everyday.
I can still remember how you made me laugh, or how you gave me butterflies.
You're sweet, but at the same time, you're a jerk.
I was really into you, though I know its wrong, because you're not mine.
How could you do that? You made me feel that I was the most especial girl even though I know that you're taken. I still cannot comprehend how stupid I was because I let you come closer.

Yes, I almost fell in love with you, I never admit it, but I knew I was falling. That's the reason why I start avoiding you. I remember missing you so much, but I force myself not to communicate with you.

Its been awhile now. Two years? I don't know, I lost count. There were times that I asked myself, what if I let you in? Would you really choose me over her? What if I didn't stay away? What if I grabbed the chance to be with you when you two broke up ? I guess I'll never answer that.

But it was a blessing in disguise. Because I met him. By choosing to let you go, I come across with the most amazing person I can ever be with.
Yes, I loved our memories, but I loved him more now. Yes, I still remember you once in a while but he made me realized that I made a right choice.

I hope you're happy now..cause I am.

Goodbye B.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Places I've been.

I love travelling.I really do. Though most of the time, I cant afford it, I still try to travel with minimal budget. So let me share some of the places I been to. For me, the memories of these travel is my treasure. I may not have material things, but I do know that I've lived my life, I been happy, and I enjoyed every adventures.
Boracay , 2012
I was awed, the place was amazing. I was with my whole family and it was fun.

Ambon-ambon Falls, Laguna , 2011
That was an epic adventure. I cant forget how hard it is to reach the falls, but its totally worth it:)
Villa Escudero, 2011
It was with my bestfriend. 
Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan, 2011
Sorry about my face. And the pose, Oh my, so so lame.
Tagaytay, 2012
It was with my Cabillo Family. One of the best trip I had.
Boracay, 2013
Of course we came back. Who wont, right? :)
Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan, 2013
Lot more fun the second time around.
Tanay Adventure Camp, 2013
I'm afraid of heights , but nah, I only live once so yeah, there.

Hongkong, 2014
It was the best adventure yet. Especially because I'm with my Mom and my love. 

Macau, 2014
It was brief but I love it. 

There. That was some of my adventure and I'm looking forward for more. It is my greatest dream to travel the world, and I plan to fulfill that. 

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 
― Anita Desai

Fresh start?

My God. I've been planning this fresh start for a long time at wala namang nangyayari.
Why do I always procrastinate? I hate it.

I do need a goal, and a time frame.