Wednesday, September 24, 2014

21 month.

Of course I get scared.

What if one day you'll wake up and realized how stupid it is to be with me.
I don't deserve you.
I know that.
But I want you.

You're the very opposite of me.
Your kind, I'm not.
You're hardworking, I'm lazy as cat.
You're calm, I'm harsh.
You're sweet, I'm cold.
Your just perfect.
For me, you are.

I still wonder what did you see in me.
Why are so in love with me? I cannot really comprehend it.
I am not that special, I'm not even beautiful. 
But you treat me as if I am. 
I have a huge attitude problem but you never lose patient with me.
I cant even understand myself but you seem to accept every bit of me.

How did you do that?
How did you made me feel so loved that I started to love myself a little bit more too?
How did you made me see that there's also good side of me?
How did you embrace even the worst version of me?

I know how hard it is to love me. That's why I'm scared. 
But you never fail to remind me, that I shouldn't be.

I use to be cynical about love,
but you bring back my faith in it.

Please bear with me.
Cause I love you.
I want to be a better version of myself because of you.

Happy 21 month babe


  1. Happy 21st to u and ur special someone!!!

  2. That's a very nice poem. Don't think that "he doesn't deserve you" because I'm pretty sure that he should. Writing someone a poem is very romantic!

  3. Great poem. :) xx
    I write poems too. Hope you can check out my blog. Let me know of you did.