Tuesday, August 26, 2014

20 months ♥

Its been 20 months since I've decided to give us a chance. I was hesitant at first, afraid that it will be just like my past failed relationships.  I was always so cynical about love, I never believed in it. Maybe because I came from a broken family and I witnessed a lot of heartbreaks. Honestly, even though we're already together, my mind always wonder when will you leave me or get tired of my temper. You get mad whenever I ask you to tell me if you don't love me anymore, assuring me that it'll never happen. And as days goes by, I begun to believe it. You don't just tell me how much you love me, you also show it. Every single day, you proved to me that this isn't just one of those silly love affair, its for real and its for keep. I cant remember when did I start believing, believing in us, and believing in love. I'd been in few relationship, but I never felt this way. I never trusted anyone wholeheartedly. I never plan my future with anyone else, except with you.
What I want to say is... you're different. This is different.
You showed me that if I open my heart and bring down the wall that I built, I'll be happier.You made me fall in love. You made me believe in forever again. 

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