Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm the kind of person who doesn't know what I want.
I am already a registered nurse, but sometimes, I ask myself..Do I really want this job?
Most of the time, the answer is no. Sometimes, I realized I already became attached to it.

Then I fell in love with baking. I studied at TESDA to learn how to do it. I was obsessed. I baked a lot for a very long time, well, while I'm not working. It also became a business. Me and my cousin decided to  open up an online shop. It is called Sweet Creations. We make cakes,cupcakes, cakeballs and everything that we can. It was a lot of fun. Though because of some issues, we started to be inactive with the shop. But here are some of the products that we made.

I also sell things online like beauty products and fashionable items. And I'm  fond of it. I feel accomplished whenever I see my client happy and my sales is good.

Now, I still question myself. What do I really want to do? Being entrepreneur sounds good to me, I also want to try the pastry and baking world, but how about my career? I studied 4 years and took a hard core exam just to be nurse. There were times that I feel that being a nurse is somehow rewarding because it gives me a chance to help people. Its exhausting but at the same time you'll get use to it and start enjoying it.

I'm 24 and still lost. Its a bit scary but I'm taking my time. I'll do it, all at once, while I can:)

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